For some reason, a lot of people think brochures are dead because they figure they’ve got a website and why on Earth would they EVER need a brochure? But no, they’re not dead. They might not be necessary for all industries, but print will never die – no matter how many social media “gurus” tell you otherwise.

Much depends on your business and where your customer traffic is found. For conventions, trade shows, brick and mortar locations, they’re great, and essential.

Yes, you need an online presence — but print is there to drive you to look further online when you aren’t near a computer or don’t have time to look it up on your iphone.

Quality printed materials have actually jumped in their importance in the eye of the consumer because so many people jumped on the digital bandwagon.

If you were going to purchase a car, maybe a Mercedes-Benz. It’s ridiculous to think that a nice, slick, 4-color, glossy brochure won’t make a solid impression on the buyer, and is in fact a strong marketing tool in helping to reinforce the quality brand that Mercedes stands for.

Mercedes tells you they have the best engineered cars in on the road and it’s only natural that they would want to provide brochures and marketing materials that position their brand in EXACTLY that way – showing the potential buyer why they have the best cars.

The branding logic is, if their brochures are this well-done and impressive, what must their cars be like?

What do your print materials say about your company? Do they say Mercedes or Yugo?