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10 Questions to ask yourself about your logo. 1. Can people immediately tell what you do by just looking at your logo and tagline? 2. Can your logo be enlarged to billboard size or reduced to keychain size and still be legible? 3. Will your logo be effective in black and white as well as […]Continue Reading


Designing your logo is an integral part of your company’s creative strategy. A logo defines the brand identity and gives your target market a visual element, which becomes the identifier by which your brand is recognized. This is important in a marketplace with similar products, as it may be the only way to differentiate your […]Continue Reading


What does your business card say about you? Of course it lists your name, your company name and all your contact information. But what is it subconsciously saying to the person who receives it? “I feel so positive about my company that I spent $10 to get these cards printed at Mr. Speedy On-Line Printer.” […]Continue Reading


With the success of Internet media and the recent downsizing of many print-oriented publications many observers are beginning to openly question what the implications of this trend will be on Direct Mail. Direct Mail and Fulfillment have been steady and stable keys to successful advertising for some time. But, can Direct Mail keep up with […]Continue Reading


For some reason, a lot of people think brochures are dead because they figure they’ve got a website and why on Earth would they EVER need a brochure? But no, they’re not dead. They might not be necessary for all industries, but print will never die – no matter how many social media “gurus” tell […]Continue Reading