10 Questions to ask yourself about your logo.

1. Can people immediately tell what you do by just looking at your logo and tagline?

2. Can your logo be enlarged to billboard size or reduced to keychain size and still be legible?

3. Will your logo be effective in black and white as well as in color?

4. Is your logo consistently used in all of your print communications (business card, letterhead, brochure, direct mail, sales literature) advertising and social media, so your customers can visually associate with you?

5. Do you have a copy of your logo in all the popular formats (.jpg, .pdf, .ai, .png) and at adequate resolution. for use on various platforms?

6. Is your logo dated? Was it created years ago when it might have been trendy, and hasn’t evolved with the times?

7. Is your logo made from clip art? Is so, it can’t be legally protected with a trademark and some other company could have the exact same logo.

8. Does you logo convey the mood, attitude, and meaning of the company? Is it relevant to your industry?

9. Is your logo unique? Does it make you stand out from the competition?

10. Was your logo a do-it-yourself project or a favor from a trying-to-be-helpful friend or relative? If so, there’s a good chance it may look amateurish.

Your logo should be customized for your company and designed by a professional logo designer. As the saying goes, “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.” Today, you have just a few seconds to attract someone’s attention. Often, your logo is the first thing they will see. Make sure it is something they will remember. The successful marketing and branding of your business starts with a successful logo.